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Customer reviews

I have been looking for the suitable beats on a market, finally found the right tunes here, ABOUT TO MAKE A DOPE RECORD!!!!!

Good luck in this big business guys!! Luv ya sound baaaadly!

always fresh and outstanding sound! those guys got their own vision, no doubt! just what I've been lookin 4 so long

Safe paypal transaction, fast delivery, all good

No more outdated garbage in your speakers!! One of my favorite producers tho!

Hornestly Im not a musician but Im always checking this page for new instrumentals.. Very nifty and easy listening

one of the few producers making really good pop and house tunes

Decided to purchase 3 instrumentals exclusively and iproducers offered me a 250$ diccount, BINGO!!!

fall in love with one of the beats, leased and recorded a demo, then decided to buy it with full rights. Guys deducted leasing sum from exclusive rigts price, nice bonus, thanks a lot!

DOPEST BEATS ON THE MARKET!! iProducers keep doin dat fire!

Working with the iproducers about three years and they are never failed! Over 100k youtube views on my last single!! Thanks for your work guys!

Ive been hesitated a long time and finally decided to order a custom made instrumental for the movie soundtrack, iproducers hit the bullseye, spent only 300$, incredible!

Bought 4 instrumentals for my upcoming mixtape! Special deals just awesome! Looking for more

First time heard the team on soundclick about 5 years ago, guys keep growing up from year to year

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